About Global Parks



Protected areas have been designated in almost every country to conserve biodiversity and other critical natural resources and to protect a nations heritage.  Ideally they support tourism and other forms of sustainable economic development.  However, these goals are usually not realized because the institutional and human capacity to effectively manage these important places and resources has not been developed.

Global Parks mobilizes the massive wave of retiring experts from U.S. and Canadian conservation agencies such as the U.S. National Park Service, Forest Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service.  Retired volunteers with unmatched levels of experience and knowledge are uniquely suited to deliver on-the-ground results.  By providing proven management skills and long term engagement, our approach reaches beyond efforts to date that have attempted to ameliorate the global management capacity gap, at a fraction of the cost.

Our expert volunteers work through  partners in each country to achieve their conservation and economic growth objectives.  Global Parks is a common sense way to achieve international conservation objectives through a professional, efficient and measurable results oriented approach.  Volunteers provide comprehensive training, develop plans, identify best practices and techniques, and mentor leadership and field level personnel.


Every country has the human and institutional capacity to effectively preserve and manage a system of national parks and protected areas that reflect its natural and cultural heritage.


Global Parks strengthens national systems of protected areas, and addresses other natural resource management needs worldwide by mobilizing a cadre of volunteer veteran conservation professionals who transfer knowledge, experience, and proven practices.