What We Do


Global Parks works with partners to plan and implement activities that contribute to the achievement of a wide variety of results.

Retired professionals provide analysis, advice and assistance in developing, reviewing, and contributing to the implementation of a variety of protected areas plans, strategies and issues, and conducts and participates in workshops and assists with curricula.

Protected Areas Planning and Management

  • General management plans
  • Resource management plans
  • Business plans
  • Various action plans (transportation, tourism, infrastructure design, site development, monitoring)
  • Historical and cultural resources

Managing and Protecting Natural Resources

  • Strategies and plans for species inventories and protection
  • Management of invasive species
  • Protection of freshwater and marine systems
  • Accommodation of tourists while preserving habitat
  • Mitigate impacts from infrastructure

Interpretation and Education

  • Evaluation and delivery of training
  • Assistance in creating and implementing interpretive and education programs
  • Showcase clean and sustainable technologies
  • Park and park systems branding and signage

Working with Local Communities

  • Developing and maintaining partnerships
  • Positioning of protected areas so they benefit local communities
  • Review of tourism operations
  • Park disaster preparation and response
  • Management of buffer zones

Visitor and Resource Protection

  • Help identifyand develop solutions to enhance PA security
  • Contribute to security planning and strategies


  • Review existing and proposed plans and practices to help identify gaps and solutions
  • Review projects related to construction and maintenance
  • Manuals and administrative materials
  • Engage other sources of protected areas expertise and assistance